Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Nokia Unveils New Radio Cloud Network Architecture


Nokia is looking to sell its mapping service for an extra splash of cash.

Finnish multinational communications and information technology company Nokia announced the addition of new features to its telecom cloud portfolio to develop what it calls "radio cloud".

Nokia said the new features will help operators distribute processing capability from any location in the network to where it's required.

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"This is the first radio cloud architecture that offers a layered approach with different deployment models to optimize performance by enabling basic capacity to be built near cell sites, and with peak capacity in the data centre being redirected to follow traffic demand," said Henri Tervonen, Nokia Networks' Vice President of Mobile Broadband Architecture.

"Continuing the evolution from Nokia Single RAN and Nokia Centralized RAN, our Radio Cloud network architecture is a tremendous platform to prepare for upcoming 5 G for core and radio."

The Finnish company said the radio cloud allows network capacity to be available from a data center. It's developed on three layers and will support both distributed and centralized deployments, either alone or together.

South Korea's wireless telecommunications operator firm SK Telecom that's partnering with Nokia is very positive about the new development of the Finnish firm's network architecture.

"Through 'Cloud vRAN' [Radio Cloud], we expect to see more intelligence implemented in telecommunications networks and innovations in value-centered networks," said Jin-hyo Park, SK Telecom's director of networks technology center.

"SK Telecom will continue to cooperate closely with global companies like Nokia to develop core technologies for the next generation networks, thereby leading the advancements in 5G networks and the evolution of LTE-A technology." Park added.

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