Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Anti-ISIS Muslim World Summit To Undertake Other Strategy Than Obama’s

Anti-ISIS Muslim World Summit To Undertake Other Strategy Than Obama’s

Leaders of Islamic countries pose during the official photo taking session of the Organisation of Islamic Conference

Muslims all over the world have recently organized a three-day discreet dialogue in Mecca on Islam and Counter-terrorism in contrast to Obama's strategy on how to put ISIS down.

Through the support and coalition of the Islamic Non-Government Organization in Saudi Arabia, Muslims gathered together purposely to propose and discuss effective schemes to counter ISIS and other Islamic militants. 

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The convention has the approval of the newly installed King Salman Abdulaziz.

Prominent key speakers were invited during the summit to speak about the nature of terrorism, its connection to Islam and the responsibility of individual Muslims in stopping other members of their communities from becoming fundamentalists.

The lectures provided a counterpoint to the U.S. government's approach and understanding of the nature of the Islamic State and how to face the group. There was much discourse on whether or not Islamic terrorism can be separated or disconnected from Islam.

According to Al-Tayeb, one of the particpants in the summit, the most prominent source of Muslim radicalization is in the historical accumulations of extremism and militancy in the heritage.

"The violence and terrorism... of these groups are strange to Islam. They have nothing to do with our creed, Sharia, ethic, history and civilization," Tayeb added.

Abdullah bin Abdelmohsin al-Turki, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, was more frank in his arguments during the conference.

"The terrorism that we face within the Muslim Ummah and our own homelands religiously motivated. It has been founded on extremism, and the misconception of some distorted Sharia concept," he said.

Other participants at the Mecca summit also insisted that terrorism should not be linked to any religion asserting that "if a Muslim ... commits an act of terror, it is linked to Islam. But if the same terror act is committed by a Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist, it is seldom linked to the perpetrator's religion," according to a report by the Saudi Gazette.

The summit held in Mecca has strengthened the debate whether the cause of ISIS is Islamic or not. Further, the discussion has provided realistic answers to counter the Islamic militants.

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