Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Walking Dictionary: Chinese Woman Memorized 220,000 Words in Dictionary

A Chinese woman, identified as Li Yanzhi, reportedly memorized all the words in the English-Chinese dictionary that has 2,548 pages and 220, 000 words.

The 51-year-old, who is a single mother, has been divorced for 20 years now and she memorized the dictionary because she wants to earn money for her 26-year-old autistic son as she hopes to give him a great life.

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Li, who is from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province of China, reads the dictionary from three to nine in the morning everyday, thus she can explain every meaning of every word in the dictionary. She uses her knowledge for her work, which is to translate.

Li is also a lecturer at the Financial English located at Xian Transport University, specifically the Economic and Banking School.

She started to memorize the words and its meanings last August 2013 and in just 19 days, she was able to memorize everything.

Being able to memorize 220,000 words is of great news for her because in order to succeed in the College English Test Band 6 in China, students can only pass if they know 6,000 words.

Li shared that another technique she used to help her memorize the dictionary and to improve her vocabulary tremendously is via borrowing 465 English language magazines from the library of the university she works in.

She also talked about wanting to be part of the Chinese game show called "The Brain", where one is challenged with a series of games testing the brainpower.

She noted that it is her biggest dream because she wants to test and challenge herself.

Li also talked about her son, who she needs to lock up in their house whenever she leaves for work, and shared that they have been relying on each other since she was divorced.

She adds, "If I can fly I will fly, if I can't fly I will run, if I cannot run I will crawl. No matter what you must move forward."

Li also speaks other languages such as French, German, Japanese, Polish and Russian.

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