Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Kin Of Palestinian Killed By ISIS Deny He Was An Israeli Spy

Parents of Muhammad Musallam

(Photo : Reuters/Anmar Awad) The mother and father of Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab held by Islamic State in Syria as an alleged spy, react with a picture of him in their East Jerusalem home March 10, 2015.

The family of a male Palestinian, who was shot and killed in the hands of the Islamic State in Syria, refutes the claim that he was an Israeli spy.

The father and brother of 20-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Musallam says he was not sent to Syria by Israel to gather information about the group. Muhammad's father, Said, and his brother Ahmed, however, could not say why he had gone to Syria and joined the Islamic State movement in October last year.

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The jihadist group on Tuesday showed a video of Muhammad as its captive, wearing an orange jumpsuit. Visibly being forced and under pressure, Muhammad uttered that he was an informant of Israel's intelligence agency.

Muhammad also said on the video that his missions in Syria were to locate the bases of the Islamic State and its weaponry, and find out who were the other Palestinians that are fighting for the organization. He said his father and a brother named Ismail had encouraged him to go on this kind of work.

After Muhammad's alleged confession, a young boy proceeded to shoot him in the head.

"It's not true.It's not true. It's not true," Muhammad's brother Ahmed could only exclaim, when he was asked about his brother's 'admission' recorded on the clip.

Ahmed, 29, lives in a cramped bedroom with his brother and two other siblings in a small apartment in East Jerusalem. He describes his brother Muhammad simply as a chain-smoking volunteer firefighter.

In the video, the Palestinian had also claimed that his brother Ahmed and his father Said were also Israeli spies. But Ahmed recalls, when his father learned that Muhammad was in  Syria with the Islamic State, the old man "fell on the ground" in shock.

"It was not a response from a man who had sent his son to Syria," Ahmed narrates. "It was a reaction of a man who has lost his son."

Muhammad's family now believes he was probably brainwashed by other Palestinians in their East Jerusalem community to join the Islamic State in exchange for a promise of girls and money.

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