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Introducing Robot Artist 'RoboChop' and the Geo-Aware tado° Smartphone App

Robochop by Code_n

(Photo : Vimeo) Robochop


(Photo : Smart thermostat firm Tado

At the ongoing CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany, a robotic arm with artistic skills and an intelligent smartphone app by European smart thermostat company tado°, sprang to life.

The industrial robotic arm is called "Robochop". It lets tablet and smartphone users control it and create artistic pieces out of foam cubes.

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Its developer, Code_n, is now displaying the robot and also providing conferences and demonstrations on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Clemens Weisshaar, one of the creators of Robochop, is also expected to give a talk about the idea that motivated him to create the Robochop installation.

"This is very much about linking digital interfaces and physical objects, and it shows what can be done in a short period of time," said Reed Kram, also one of the creators.

Smart thermostat firm tado°, on the other hand, recently announced its partnership with web service IF (formerly IFTTT If This, Then That) for an open platform that enables amateur and programming hobbyists to develop IoT apps in combination with the company's smart thermostat.

"Connected devices and dedicated applications (IoT) are arising everywhere and the future is clear: the vast majority of today's products will become online products," said Christian Deilmann, CEO and founder of tado°.

"The key differentiator between a good product and a great product will be the digital user experience - how good is the user interface, how seamless will it integrate into our lifestyles and how well do different devices and applications communicate with each other."

The thermostat firm's geo-aware smartphone app has the ability to sense when there's nobody at home and to turn down the heat for saving energy.

When users are on their way home, the app reacts immediately and begins warming up the house. It runs on the Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones including Pebble Watch and Android Wear for smart watches.

tado° is unveiling its open platform at CeBIT 2015, showcasing user-created apps at its stand.

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