Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Chinese Military Now Openly Admits to Cyber Attacks and Hacking Capabilities


(Photo : Reuters)

The Chinese military has admitted that it has been sponsoring some offensive cyberattacks or hacking. The truth surfaced when a military document was updated and circulated.

This is the first time the Chinese military has revealed how they operate in terms of cyber strategies. They reveal that they have cyber units set up for defensive and offensive purposes.

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While the government's official statement was that it was against hacking of any kind, foreign experts already knew that the statement was a meaningless one.

These experts indicated evidence on China's cyberattacks, as well as the ludicrous idea that a large country would not have any means of cyber espionage in its intelligence-gathering arsenal.

Beijing was able to lift the veil of secrecy through the book, The Science of Military Strategy, an authoritative analysis of how the Chinese military thinks.

Created in 2001, it was updated most recently in December 2013, and made available to other countries only recently.

Upon reading the book, it had references to China's cyber units.

The Chinese government and military are well aware that the book is sought out by other countries and Chinese military thinkers. This would mean that China referenced the cyber units for a carefully plotted out decision.

Joe McReynolds of the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis said that China has been using cyber units for military and civilian purposes.

He says that China has "specialized military network warfare forces" for offensive and defensive capabilities. In addition, they also have cyber specialists in civilian organizations that are authorized to take military action.

The fact that China is now being more open to its cyber activities is not a shocking thing, says James Lewis, an expert on China's cyber strategies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

However, it may be an important step that the country has taken to change the country's policies.

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