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Rebel Wilson Talks to Elle Magazine About Fashion, Health and Crushing It in the Acting World

If you could not contain your excitement for Pitch Perfect 2, Rebel Wilson's feature on Elle UK is a fix to keep you going till the movie's premiere on May.

The funny Australian actress is on the cover of Elle UK's May issue and opened up in the interview about when she knew she wanted to be an actress, how style is slowly becoming an important aspect of her life and how she finds her way through the acting industry's "boys club."

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Rebel can be seen bringing her A-game to the red carpet more recently, which if you weren't aware, was not always the case. She admits that she's the kind of girl who has no fashion sense, though she's slowly getting into fashion now.

Fashion, she says, has become an important part of her. The moment she saw that girls started to notice and remark on what she wears, she felt a responsibility due to the fact that "there aren't any women in Hollywood my size and age." And while she always seem to poke fun at herself, Rebel shares that she actually takes really good care of her body. She explains that her kind of job requires anyone to be strong physically and have the stamina to be able to work for 16 hours each day.

Though she admits to eating a lot, she says that she's very healthy. After all, she needs all the energy that she can get to be able to do her "two" jobs, which she categorizes into "dream jobs," the female-led comedy movies and the "other job" which she says is the "boys' club."

After starring in blockbuster movies with strong-minded and talented men, she reveals that she's learned the way to work that kind of system. In that kind of movies, she explains that women are present to support the male leads and while she finds it unfair, she now knows how to improve her role and work with her limited resources and parameters and maximize them.

Giving some advice to actresses who find themselves in the same situation, she says,

"Work harder, sharpen your skills more; you need to be two or three times as good as the guys."

As for her, she says that she simply goes in there "and try and crush it."

Check out Rebel's full feature on Elle UK which hit stands April 2.

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