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NASA Releases Awesome Video of Spacewalk Taken by GoPro

Walk in space

(Photo : NASA) EVA as taken by GoPro

NASA has released the latest high quality footage from space shot completely by GoPro, the popular high definition action camcorders.

The photos capture the awe and terror of a routine spacewalk with the help of a GoPro, putting all Earthbound GoPro videos to shame.

The cameras were strapped onto astronauts Terry Virts and Barry "Butch" Wilmore as they made their Extravehicular Activity (EVA) while working on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Virts and Wilmore are shockingly chill about orbiting the Earth at almost five miles per second with only a spacesuit to protect them from the lifeless vacuum of space. They had to work on the exterior of the space station to reconfigure it for new spacecraft docking missions.

The first video was taken February 25 during EVA 30. The astronauts completed their outfitting operations on the exterior of the ISS for future commercial space missions. The footage covers one hour of the total six hours and 43 minutes it took to finish the reconfigurations.

The second video, which was shot on March 1 during EVA 31, marked the last scheduled spacewalk by NASA as the ISS is prepared for the beginning of commercial spaceflight. The 40-minute video shows the astronauts as they install new communications equipment set to be used by commercial spacecraft.

The two videos offer a brilliant glimpse into space before the start of private spaceflight. Not only does the footage provide high definition images of what it's like beyond Earth, but it also shows the versatility of the GoPro camera.

Instead of being optimized for space shuttles like it always has been, the ISS will soon have docking ports designed to accept commercial crew and cargo vehicles. The visiting ships will be able to undock much more quickly, allowing them to serve as emergency lifeboats while their crews are on board ISS.

One day, the space station may even be able to support two visiting vessels at once.

NASA aims to explore different possibilities for commercial spaceflight as per the Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities agreement.

You can watch the video here.

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