Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Scientists Suggest that Universe May be a Hologram After All

Hologram Universe

(Photo : Vienna University of Technology) New researchers considers whether or not our universe is simply a 2-D hologram.

A two-dimensional feature of hologram does appear to human eye as three dimensional. Now, the new research suggests that this may be possible on what the universe may look like.

The universe can appear to be in three dimensions based on human perspective. This is also based on a theory that was developed two decades ago and believed that can be explained mathematically while using two dimensions.

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In a press release done by Vienna University of Technology, they described that universe, not as 3-D but more like a hologram.

"In 1997, the physicist Juan Maldacena proposed the idea that there is a correspondence between gravitational theories in curved anti-de-sitter spaces on the one hand and quantum field theories in spaces with one fewer dimension on the other,” Daniel Grumiller of TU Wien said.

Scientists are surprised at the outcome of the gravitational phenomena and the behavior of the quantum particles as the result of both once calculated can be mapped onto each other.

Researchers says that it was like figuring out equations using an astronomy text book and that it can be used to repair a CD-player as method is known to be successful. They also believe that the correspondence principle is applicable to what universe may look like and unlike to a negatively curves anti-de-sitter-space.

"Our universe, in contrast, is quite flat - and on astronomic distances, it has positive curvature," Grumiller added.

It took three years for researchers in testing the hypothesis and for them to construct the gravitational theories which do not require exotic anti-de-sitter spaces.

In the study made by researchers, it does not confidently prove that the universe is like a hologram; instead it just adds evidence that will support to the holographic principle of his universe.

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