Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Tiny Gecko Robots Strength is 2,000 Times their Own Weight

Miniature robots named as “Micro Tugs” were created by engineers from Stanford University and are known to be capable of pulling and lifting objects that might be more than a hundred times of their own weight.

The amusing 12 grams weigh of the bots, considered to be the strongest, is able to pull objects that can be 2,000 times heavier that the said miniature robots.

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“This is the equivalent of a human dragging a blue whale,” said David Christensen, an engineer from the lab that created the robot.

The other robot that happened to weigh nine grams can be able to climb the vertical walls can carry objects that can be heavier than a kilogram. What is more amazing about the new robot is that it can also be coined as a “miniature beast”. The bot that even weighed 20 milligrams is strong enough to pull objects that are 25 times its own weight.

The gecko is considered to be the inspiration of the engineers when it comes to the strength of the bots. Tiny rubber spikes are used to cover the robots’ feet as it can be bent when pressure applied, which help the robots’ move and detach from any surfaces.

Wall-climbing bot’s method of locomotion is also borrowed from inchworm that also help the bot climb walls without even losing its grip.

Next month, the robot are set to be introduced at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation along with the Stanford team that hopes that they’ll be able to contribute and set different task in the near future.

The strength of the powerful robots are seen to have the potential to move heavy load around factories or any building sites while the specialized can be used in any emergency situation.

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