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Chinese Woman Overcome Obstacles To Brought Up Muslim Granddaughter; Awarded As 'Excellent Mother Award 2015'

Muslim woman

(Photo : REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

A Chinese woman had overcome tremendous obstacles before honored as "Excellent Mother Award 2015."

The Star reported that the recipient of "Excellent Mother Award 2015" Tan Guan Neo, also known as Nyonya Po Po, of Taman Merdeka said she is willing to take all responsibility in taking good care of her granddaughter Fahira Nabilah Isham after her youngest daughter Fatin Nasuha Lee become mentally ill.

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The awarding ceremony has officiated by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Edris Haron and also attended by state women and the chairman of Family Development and Welfare Committee, Datuk Latipah Omar.

Tan said that she ensures that her granddaughter will receive a proper religious education and perform her religious obligations such as praying.

Tan added that she and her husband Lee Nyong Yin make sure that their granddaughter should receive proper Islamic religious education despite of the challenges they have met, like the time when their village headman talked to them and stated that they are not qualified in raising their granddaughter.

The village man advised them to send their granddaughter in an orphanage; however, Tan protested and still continued taking care of Fahira.

The 70-year-old Tan said that she is now in big relief as Fahira Nabilah is now pursuing her studies for a Diploma in Computer Science at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Jasin, Malacca.

Tan, who has five daughters, is now a single parent after her husband died last year.

Moreover, the other awardees are R. Kalliany, 59 and Rokiah Alwi, 73.

As a Chinese woman has been honored on Mother's Day, Las Vegas Sun reported how other countries celebrate and honor their mother.

In China, the Mother's Day falls in line with the country's ethos of respect to the elders as well as ancestors. The government of China honored mothers and other non-profit groups raised money to help mothers who needed assistance.

For Americans, mostly they celebrated the event by giving flowers and gifts to their mothers. In Mexico, the restaurants are full of people celebrating the day, some of them gave roses to their moms.

Furthermore, in Australia they celebrated Mother's Day similar to Americans, wherein they wore colored dress (if their mother is alive) and white, which means they honor their mother already passed away.

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