Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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HK Singer G.E.M.’s Topless Photo Rumors Proven Hoax by Fans

Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang was in turmoil as alleged nude photos of a woman that resembled the artist was leaked online upsetting her and her fans alike just a day after Sire Ma's scandalous video surfaced.

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The photos showed that of a topless woman posing in compromising positions. The woman in the photo was purported to be the 22-year old singer, but was later deemed as a hoax by her fans.

To prove this, the singer's fans analyzed the photo and said that the woman wasn't G.E.M. Tang at all, their ground being the fact that the woman in photo was biting down on her teeth proportionally - something that the singer couldn't do due to jaw imperfection.

G.E.M. Tang was said to have suffered from jawbone atrophy which makes it impossible for her lower teeth to bite on her lips. As opposed to this, the woman in the picture was capable of doing so.

Some fans claimed that the photos were leaked online by fans of a currently famous Korean-Chinese boy band EXO after rumors that G.E.M. Tang was using the boy group for publicity's sake.

The fan whom they have accused of spreading the photos online, however, denied it and said that she didn't have anything to do with the scandal. On the other hand, the Hong Kong singer's fans angrily posted online not to post rumors and that the identity of the woman in the photo should be confirmed.

Furious about the photos, G.E.M. posted on her Weibo account and said, "Is 10kg of cotton or 500g of metal heavier? I won't let myself fall for the same thing twice. I swear that I will wipe my tears and give the audience who love me the best concert tonight!"

The singer countered the rumors through a representative last July 23, saying that the pictures were obviously not that of the singer so they will not respond to it.

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