Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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China Declares September 3 As Public Holiday; 70th Anniversary Celebration Of Victory Over Japan

The China has disclosed that the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender in the World War II will be a public holiday.

According to South China Morning Post, the government has announced that September 3 is a public holiday and officially declared "The 70th anniversary of Chines People's Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War Victory Commemoration Day."

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The site added that on the government official website, the mode has made for the "broad participation" of the nation in the regional and central commemoration activities.

President Xi Jinping plans to hold a military parade in September "at the site Japan attacked in 1937 to trigger" the Second Sino-Japanese War, cited Bloomberg.

In addition, in line with the commemoration, the government in Beijing will invite world leaders, said the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exact date of the event has not yet been announced; however, the public holiday according to reports will be on September 3, which is the day after Japan signed the official instrument of surrender in 1945.

The relationships between Tokyo and Beijing have remained icy amid the accusation of the government of China that Japan has failed to recognize territorial disputes and wartimes atrocities.

The National Interest added that Japan government has decided to deploy 600 soldiers from the Ground Self-Defense Force to Ishigaki and Miyako islands, which are in the southwestern part of Okinawa Prefectures. It is said that both islands are part of the Ryukyu island chain of Japan, which China also claims sovereignty over.

Moreover, It should be noted that in January 2013, there are reports from Japan that the Defense Ministry is "considering proposals" to deploy F-15s in different parts of Sakishima islands, in response to China actions at the Senkaku island.

Meanwhile, President of China Xi Jinping was in Moscow last week to join the Russian President Vladimir Putin for the military parade in the Red Square at Moscow, to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany.

On May 16 to 17, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit China and will spend Saturday and Sunday to meet Beijing leaders and to discuss a range of issues. Kerry will then be in Seoul on May 17 to 18 to meet President Park Geun-hye to discuss issues on global, regional and bilateral.

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