Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Ecuador Bags down the Largest Reforestation World Record

Ecuador forest

(Photo : PETE OXFORD/MINDEN PICTURES/CORBIS) A tree flowers at Yasuni National Park, Amazon, Ecuador.

Ecuador president Rafael Correa announced in his recent weekly address that the country had just broken the world record for reforestation and it is considered to be big news for conservationists around the world.

There were thousands of people participated in planting and almost 647,250 trees of more than 200 species were used. Seedlings were all planting in different parts of Ecuador, they take advantage of the country’s wide range of climatic and geographical regions. Various new trees are featured everywhere starting from the Pacific coast to the high Andes and even to low-lying tropical Amazon basin.

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In a tweet made by Ecuador’s Environment Minister, Lorena Tapia, 44,883 people took part in the record-breaking dig-in which covered more than 4,942 acres.

“There is no record in history of similar events involving over 150 species,” said Carlos Martines, Guinness Records adjudicator.

Volunteers were believed to have planted trees in almost 150 spots across Ecuador and happy and proud to achieve the record and don’t mind at all in beating a new record again.

The Philippines holds the record for the most trees planted in an hour, with 3.2 million seedlings sown last September as part of a national forestation program.

Scientists believe planting trees helps offset carbon build up in the atmosphere, as they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, helping to reduce global warming.

Ecuador is too popular when it comes to holding world records. In March 2, 2013, Bora Bora, a company that is popular in making flip-flops broke the record for the highest number of people buried in the sand all at the same time.

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