Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Alleged Rich Kids Of Beijing Serve Time In Jail For Real-Life ‘Fast and Furious’ Crash

A man looks inside a damaged Lamborghini

(Photo : Reuters/Stringer) A man looks inside a damaged Lamborghini after it collided with a Ferrari inside a tunnel in Beijing, April 12, 2015.

The two drivers who figured in a near-fatal drag race last April started to serve their months in jail today, reported South China Morning Post. Charged with dangerous driving on Monday, these young road racers were identified as Tang Wentian, 21, and Yu Munchun, 20. Tang is set to spend five months in prison, while Yu is given four months by the court.

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Yu was reportedly racing in a red Ferrari against Tang's green Lamborghini along the Datun Road Tunnel amid the late evening rain of April 11. With speeds roaring at 165km/h and 179km/hr, the two cars ran straight through a guardrail and collided into the tunnel walls. Both luxury cars were completely wrecked and barely recognizable.  

In view of being imprisoned for several months, Yu was cited to feel "really bad" over the road mishap. On Sunday is this year's college entrance examination, and Yu expressed his regret that he cannot take the test. Prior the smashup, Yu was living the life of a private high school student in Beijing. One of his seemingly many privileges was being able to borrow and drive the now-mangled red Ferrari.

The collision drew further attention, especially from among social media users, when the police described both drivers as "unemployed." According to the Daily Mail Online, several netizens made snide remarks about the possible background of the brash drivers. Some even speculated that Yu and Tang are "second-generation rich kids" who exhibit "reckless behavior and blatant lawbreaking."

One Sina Weibo user was even quoted to have said, "Socialism is so good that it allows unemployed people to drive supercars."

Reports also indicated that Tang had a passenger in his green Lamborghini. She was identified with the surname Xu and suffered a fractured lumbar vertebra.

A statement issued by the Chaoyang District Court revealed that the two drivers expressed no intent to make an appeal. On top of jail time, Yu and Tang were sentenced to the respective fines of 8,000 yuan ($1,290) and 10,000 yuan ($1,614). The court also clarified that the duo were neither under the influence of alcohol nor drugs, The Telegraph reported. 

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