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China’s Titanic: $161 Million Full Sized Replica, Open For Tourists In 2017

Bernard Hill (3rd R), actor of captain Edward Smith in the 1997 Titanic movie

(Photo : REUTERS/TYRONE SIU) Bernard Hill (3rd R), actor of captain Edward Smith in the 1997 Titanic movie, poses with Su Shaojun (2nd R), CEO of Seven-Star Energy Investment Group (SSEG), during a news conference in Hong Kong January 12, 2014.

After the original tragedy and the monster movie in 1997, Titanic is once again being remade, only this time it's a full-sized replica, and is located in China.

The replica, which will open for tourists by the end of 2017, and Shanghaiist reports that it is there to educate the Chinese people about the history of how it hit an iceberg and sank near the south area of Newfoundland. It has been planned way back in 2013, when the Sichuan-based Seven Star Energy Investment Group announced that they are hiring a high technology company from America to provide designs based on the RMS Olympic, the sister ship of the original Titanic.

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The replica will be revealed to the public come October, and Autorevolution reports that it will be permanently docked at a theme park located on the Qi River. Since Sichuan Province is landlocked, any hopes of seeing a maiden voyage of the copycat ship has already reached zero. However, if it is a complete replica of the original, the Chinese ship could carry two highly powerful steam engines and a low pressure Parsons turbine, creating an output of 30,000 horsepower and 16,000 horsepower from the engines and turbine respectively, so nothing is entirely set in stone.

On top of that, the Titanic replica will safely simulate iceberg collisions for the visitors, complete with light and sound effects. The dedication of the investors in creating a realistic and memorable experience for their visitors is uncanny. CNN quotes the chairman of Seven Star that in the creation of this replica, China is honoring the spirit of human responsibility, and how the passengers of the original Titanic tried to help one another amidst the chaos of a sinking ship.

The Titanic has been quoted as the ship that even God himself cannot sink. Though the original sank before finishing its maiden voyage, it is encouraging to see that the colossal ship and the tragedy it accompanies, still lives in the hearts of everyone.

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