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Jimmy Lin’s Career at Stake after Everyone Finds Out About His Son

Jimmy Lin’s Career at Stake after Everyone’s Knowledge on His Son

Announcing the birth of his son or keeping it a secret put pressure on Jimmy Lin considering what his fans would say and what the effect would be to his career.

Jimmy Lin said in an interview that his current career is not as bright as what he had before, as everyone knows it, which he considers the news about her engagement and the birth of his son may have upset his fans.

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Jimmy started his career at the early age of 17 taking fans by storm when he entered Taiwanese music scene and from then on, his name was known so well.

Lin handles his personal and love life carefully which led him to deny that he was dating Kelly Chen, a former model due to his fear that his fans may disapprove of the lady.

It was only after five years later that he admitted that he and Kelly were in a relationship when she gave birth to their son Kimi in 2009

"I want my son to happily grow. He cannot stand behind my back forever. I am so happy that he is receiving so much love from everyone now," Jimmy says.

With such conviction, Jimmy has already learned that his career does not end there and recognizes that his son should be made known to all and will always be a part of his career.

Jimmy and Kimi, now four years old, are both popular in their television series Where are We Going Dad.

"Little Whirlwind" was what Jimmy was called in the nineties where his career was unstoppable and now he is undergoing changes.

These changes are considered by Lin as drivers that had gotten him stronger and to become more of a perfectionist.

The said singer is now promoting the release of his new book entitled My Patients With Time.

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