China Wants Sri Lanka's Science, Technology Sector To Progress

By | Jun 16, 2015 08:13 PM EDT

China has offered a helping hand to Sri Lanka.(Photo : Getty Images/Mark Nolan)

China and Sri Lanka are working together for a better future. Their partnership aims to boost the latter's science and technology sector, equipping it with the right resources for progress and development. 

China's move to help Sri Lanka comes amid the latter's attempts at fully nurturing its science and technology sector, News First has learned.

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On Tuesday, Minister of Higher Education and Research Dr. Sarath Amunugama announced that China is providing assistance to his country by helping its science and technology sector prosper.

Amunugama added that as part of their partnership, two universities—Moratuwa and Jaffna—and the country's Technical Institute will be receiving help from China. 

The minister also implied that perhaps Sri Lanka's new ally will help them realize their desire of developing nuclear technology in their country since he believes they are fully equipped with the right petroleum sources.

Amunugama made the announcement after his attendance at the China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Collaborative Forum in Kunming, China.

The news about China's extended effort to help Sri Lanka comes just days after London School of Economics researchers revealed that the Asian giant's greenhouse gas emissions are expected to peak by 2025, reports Tech Times

China is currently considered the top country among those that discharge large volumes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. 

However, there is a silver lining to this situation since researchers also noted that there is a big chance of a fast decline once it reaches the peak.

No only that, Chinese President Xi noted that there is also a chance that the peak will be reached earlier than expected. 

According to the BBC, the decline will be made possible given that China is now committed to using renewables. In fact, the Asian giant is now the biggest investor in solar and wind power in the entire world.

China is slowly finding ways to efficiently replace coal plants with cleaner and more advantageous stations.

The researchers of the study opined that China's big move for a greener nation can hopefully inspire other countries, while influencing global markets to engage in cleaner goods and services.

"China's transformation has profound implications for the global economy, and greatly increases the prospects for keeping global greenhouse gas emissions within relatively safe limits," the researchers said. 

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