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‘Hollywood Adventures’ Starring Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming And Tong Dawei Set For Release on Friday; What Are Other Films Slated For China’s Cinema ‘Blackout’?

88th Birthday Of TLC Chinese Theater IMAX, Honoring Justin Lin, Zhao Wei And Huang Xiaoming with Iconic Imprint Ceremony'

(Photo : Todd Williamson/Getty Images for SUN SEVEN STARS MEDIA) HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 03: Zhao Wei attends the 88th Birthday Of TLC Chinese Theater IMAX, Honoring Justin Lin, Zhao Wei And Huang Xiaoming with Iconic Imprint Ceremony' at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 3, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

"Hollywood Adventures," which stars Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei and Zhao Wei, is slated for release this coming Friday, June 26, according to China Entertainment News.

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The highly anticipated Chinese action comedy is said to be primed for success since China has had a recent penchant for comedies, road movies and of course anything related to Vicki Zhao. The movie is backed by Sun Seven Stars Media of Bruno Wu and is reportedly produced by Justin Lin through his Perfect Storm banner.

Since the film's location is in Los Angeles, there are cameos by some Hollywood stars including Simon Helberg from "The Big Bang Theory," as well as Robert Patrick and Missy Pyle.

"Hollywood Adventures" will be released locally by Beijing Enlight, and according to Deadline, plans for a U.S. release is already under way.

The release of "Hollywood Adventures" marks the beginning of the unofficial summer "blackout" at Chinese cinemas on Friday.

The "blackout month" is an annual event imposed by China's State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television to maintain a healthy balance between local and Hollywood products. This weekend started the month-long protection period, and 14 new films will be entering Chinese theaters soon, according to Web site

In the coming weeks, there will be a mix of movies featuring a variety of genres such as comedy, romance, and action, reported Deadline.

Included in the list of new films this weekend is "SPL II: A Time For Consequences." Produced by Hong Kong and China, the action drama has Thailand's Tony Jaa as the lead. The film's backdrop is human organ trafficking, and the film already grossed $40M in three markets during its debut frame.

Another film in the list for the "blackout" period includes "The Monk Comes Down The Mountain" slated for release on July 3. Another action drama, the film follows the tale a young monk who is forced to leave his Taoist temple. Actors include Wang Baoqiang, Aaron Kwok, Chang Chen, Chilling Lin and Fan Wei.

Meanwhile, on July 9, romantic comedy "Tiny Times 4" will hit theaters. Again directed by Guo Jingming, the film stars a group of friends navigating Shanghai life, played by Bea Hayden Kuo, Yang Mi and Amber Kuo.

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