Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Disputed Nansha Island is Being Safeguarded by China, Says Top Official

Nansha Island

(Photo : Reuters) China's current position in the disputed Nansha Islands stands firm, saying the Chinese government has all the right and legal function to safeguard the place.

China's position on the disputed Nansha Islands stands firm, a top official has explained that the Chinese government has all the right and legal authority to safeguard the place. 

According to Foreign Prime Minister Wang Yi, he is determined to make a point regarding the Nansha Island issues, implying they have the absolute capability to protect the island as well as the will to make the efforts of owning it. He also stressed out that the Chinese government is working alongside the ASEAN countries to ensure peace, security and stability on the disputed island.

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In his speech at the Fourth World Peace Forum in Tsinghua University, he mentioned that aside from providing security over the islands, it is also their aim to improve the lives of the people living in the Nansha Islands or any island they have claimed. He also said that the country's sovereignty over the islands is backed up by legal and lawful rights, based on facts and studies, therefore they have the right to construct amenities in the Nansha islands for the use of the local people living there.

Their claims over the Nansha Islands, according to Wang, has not expanded in terms of territories and rights, nor it has decreased in the past years. "The Chinese government is consistent in its approach to Nansha Islands, and it will remain that way for as long as they are in charge of the island."

According to China Daily, China's reclamation of Nansha Island is completed, and the announcement of ceasing expansion has been made in order to start constructing amenities for its local use. While it has been declared in the past that amenities include bio research installations and aqua marine studies, speculations of military camps and establishments were also raised.

China has been active in claiming the islands they have discovered way back in the Han Dynasty. Wang said, "China's construction in its own islands is much different from others who have claimed theirs and built a different facility in their territorial claims." China stands firm on securing their ownership of the Nansha Islands.

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