Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Stephen Fung and Shu Qi Cohabiting?

Rumor has it that Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi are living under the same roof after reports said that the two stars were in a relationship spanning 17 years.

Stephen Fung and Shu Qi were recently spotted on a date in the actor's car and are believed to be cohabiting.

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A friend of the actor revealed that the 39-year old actor has been living with his girlfriend Shu Qi in order to experience married life. The source also stated that the actor is behaving like the proper husband, taking care of the responsibilities at home whenever the actress is out of town which includes taking care of her pet cat, MayMayBoy.

Just the previous Thursday, Stephen Fung was seen driving Shu Qi to a hotel in Repulse Bay at around noon. The pair were then said to have left the hotel six hours later.

The 38-year old actress didn't seem to have any intention of hiding her face from the public, even smiling at her beau sweetly when the incident happened.

Two days after, the two were once more spotted setting out of the actress' apartment for another date. The actor took the role of the chauffeur, driving Shu Qi to a restaurant where they ate together with another female friend before they returned to the apartment again. The two were said to have stayed in the apartment after.

The two stars were rumored to have been dating each other since they've filmed their film 'Bishonen' back in 1998. The two have been spotted since then going on trips together, but they have denied the rumors and claimed that they were only friends.

Although they have not confirmed that they were in a relationship, an incident back in March wherein the actress uploaded a photo of her and her cat, captioning it "Men's dinner," made the public think that she was confirming her relationship with the actor.

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