Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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LG G Pad II: New Device Offers Improvements Over Its 8 Inch Predecessor


(Photo : Reuters) LG is known to skip current Android OS in view of an upcoming upgrade that they think would benefit their flagship phones better.

With a beefier hardware, powerful display and an equally impressive processor, the G Pad II is set to give the users a better experience than its predecessor versions in the G Pad series.

According to The Verge, LG has recently launched the G Pad II. The new device in the G Pad series comes with a 10.1 inches display as compared to the 8 inch display in the previous versions. Additionally, the report goes on to claim that the device comes with a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon processor and a massive 2GB RAM for better multi-tasking. The device also offers a better resolution as compared to the other models in its category.

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Before the G Pad II, LG had chosen to launch the original G Pad exclusively in the South Korean market. As per the report, LG prefered to opt for a silent launch instead of creating a hype about its latest offering. The report goes on to explain that due to its sleek appearance, the LG G Pad II is much better off as a business phone as compared to the G Pad. With its unique feature of activating the e-radar mode, the new LG G Pad is able to reduce the output of blue light considerably and therefore prevents the user eyes from being harmed.

The report also states that the LG G Pad II comes with a unique multi tasking feature that actually allows users to operate two different apps simultaneously. Another advantage is that each device comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Office for Android. Users will also get 100 GB of free OneDevice storage for the first two years with each G Pad II. Meanwhile LG claims that the 10.1 inches screen size is the largest in its class for this android powered device.

Another CNET report confirms that LG is expected to show its new tablet to the world at the IFA trade show scheduled to happen in Berlin next month. Being one of the biggest shows in the region for electronic items, IFA is expected to be attended by the big names of the industry, as confirmed in the report. 

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