Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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Google Flash Player: Search Giant Has Announced It Will Stop Flash Starting Next Month

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(Photo : Reuters) Google has announced new tools that will allows users of Google Photos to save storage space.

After criticizing the security loopholes in Adobe's Flash player, Google has officially announced that its Chrome browser will stop supporting Flash from September 1 onwards.

According to Computer World, Google is all set to launch a new and updated version of Chrome that will no longer support Adobe's Flash player. The update will be available to users from Sept. 1, 2015. Explaining the reason behind its move, Google has said that Flash's security loopholes are emerging as a major cause of concern, threatening the data of the end user. Another report on Arirang goes on to explain that Google had already warned advertisers against relying on Flash. As of now, ads supported by Flash will not be seen unless specifically clicked on. If they are supported by HTML5, they will be played automatically, as confirmed by Arirang.

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The move is expected to have a major impact as Chrome happens to be one of the most popular browsers and has a massive 40 percent market share. The report on Computer World adds that Google had decided to stop supporting Flash, earlier during the year. It is expected that the move will help in improving the performance of the browser. In june itself, Google blacklisted Flash saying that its software was responsible for draining user battery faster than expected.

In the recent years, Adobe has taken several steps to improve the Flash software but it has failed to provide a holistic solution. The result is that even today Flash continues to be a widely used attack vector. Google representatives also said that users will still have the option to continue relying on Flash but they will have to manually alter the browser settings in order to do so. In its statement Google also encouraged advertisers to ensure that their videos were compatible with HTML5 as well in order to continue reaching out to the consumer.

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