Updated 10:35 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 18, 2019

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Free-To-Play Game “World Of Tanks” Coming To PlayStation 4 in 2016

A Sony PlayStation 4 version of 'World of Tanks' is set to be released.


World record holder and popular game 'World of Tanks' is set to release and free to all Sony PlayStation 4 players. has confirmed and is the organization responsible for the successful game.

At first, 'World of Tanks' was launched in 2011 for the PC and became an instant hit for war game enthusiasts. It was released in February last year for an Xbox 360 version. The global release for Xbox One version, which introduced a player versus environment mode called Proving Grounds, was in July 2015.

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According to GameSpot, TJ Wagner explained that the studio is tuning the experience specifically for Sony consoles. He is the project lead on the PlayStation 4 version at's successful massively multiplayer title.  

'World of Tanks' holds a Guinness World Record for most players online simultaneously on a multiplayer online game server. A total of 91,311 users played the game on Jan. 23, 2011 on a Russian server. But the record was broken when a total of 305,000 players in April 2012 played simultaneously on a European server with the same game, reported by Gamenguide.

This will debut with new content such as custom maps, custom tanks, custom skins, and many more. It will also launch with exclusive Girls und Pazer content and themes. It will also feature clan wars that allow players around the world to battle each other's clan through the World Map. World of Tanks Clan has to have at least 15 members with a maximum of 100 to fight each other on five regions.

PlayStation 4 version will support Share Play, PlayStation Vita Remote Play streaming, and many more. Whereas the PC version will be free-to-play with in-game microtransactions.

There is no need to have a membership in order to get the game. But all PlayStation Network account holders can play the game and get access to the game's exclusive content and deals. But for those who wanted to avail the upcoming beta and release version of this game, they can sign up in the PlayStation Plus membership.

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