Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Project Titan: Apple Eyes on a Revolutionary Driverless Car Technology

Apple iCar

(Photo : Flickr Creative Commons/Automobile Italia) Apple to release electric iCar in 2019.

Project Titan - Apple is currently in the process of producing their own electric car and hopes to ship these by 2019, as it continues to eye on a revolutionary driverless technology.  Apple is now expanding the team working on this project to approximately 1800 employees.

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Rumors have been circulating on what the iCar will look like or the specifications it will come with.  In a report made by Mac World, it was mentioned that the iCar will have Apple's sensor technology and hardware and software integration along with Apple's exquisite design.

After around a year of intensive research and feasibility studies, Apple's executives finally approved the proposal on the iCar.

It could be recalled that in 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a tour of the Europe facility of BMW. Afterwhich, the Apple executives conducted a meeting with two government groups in California.

Even though there have been speculations that they might outsource the manufacturing of their iCars, there is currently no confirmation if the Apple will do it. It should be noted, however, that currently, car manufacturers own and run their own car factories.

Apple is currently working with experts in the driverless car technology; however Wall Street Journal reports that the iCar that will be released in 2019 will still need a driver.

The Apple executive confirmed that a fully automated (driverless) car is part of Apple's long-term plan and that they are geared toward producing their self-driving car in the future. Once Apple gets a prototype fully operable, the electric iCar will have to pass road and safety regulations.

Skeptics have continued to express their opinions on whether Apple will be able to meet the target date it has set to release its electric car. With no car-making experience except for the CarPlay software and a very ambitious project, Apple is yet to prove that it will be able to beat its deadline.

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