Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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2 US-to-Paris Air France Flights Diverted Due to Threats

Air France

(Photo : BORIS HORVAT / Getty Images) Two Air France flights have been forced to make emergency landing after receiving anonymous threats about bombs.

Officials have reported that two Air France flights from the United States to Paris have been diverted due to terrorist threats.

The two flights were diverted to airfields in Utah and Canada respectively on Tuesday night due to anonymous threats received by the airline. Air France confirmed that a bomb threat caused the interruption of Flight 65 headed from Los Angeles to Paris. The plane was diverted to Salt Lake City.

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The airline also diverted Flight 55 which departed from Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. The said flight was diverted to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada because of the same threat.

In Salt Lake City, flight passengers were seen leaving the Airbus as FBI and airport police investigated the bomb threat. 

Kathleen Ingley of Phoenix, Arizona said that she and other passengers of flight 65 were finishing their dinner when the air pressure in the cabin began to change. She was flying to Paris to visit her daughter and her grandchildren; a trip that she makes three to four times a year.

Ingley, who happens to be a journalist, phoned in from Salt Lake City International Airport to USA Today. She said flight attendants told them that they will be making an emergency landing and that they were told to put their trays on the floor and tighten their seatbelt's and get anything out of the aisles.

Authorities found no bombs on Flight 65 and 55 and both planes were given the go signal to fly again. 

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