Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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ISIS Looks to Recruit More Fighters From Southeast Asia


(Photo : Photo by Kutluhan Cucel/Getty Images) ISIS is reportedly looking to recruit more fighters from Asia - specifically from Southeast Asian countries.

In a bid to wreak more havoc around the world, ISIS may be looking for more fighters in Southeast Asia.

A report by The Washington Times says ISIS is seeking for more fighters in Southeast Asia to join their ranks. According to a team of researchers in London told the Times that Southeast Asia is a "blind spot" for recruiting Islamic State fighters.

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Southeast Asia's Indonesia is known to have one of the largest Muslim population in the world. Indonesia has not been at the forefront of the global terror crisis, but it is considered to be a "fertile territory."

According to International Business Times, Indonesia's counterterrorism head Saud Usman Nasution has disclosed that the number of fighters recruited by ISIS as of December 2014 has tripled to at least 514.

As a stated in a report by Foreign Military Studies Office, Indonesians who are under ISIS' influence present a significant problem to their home country. He also noted some foreigners as an example - who were fighting in Afghanistan who have also acquired a requisite training to do "domestic terrorist activities" upon returning home.

The report also quoted the counterterrorism chief saying that neighboring country Malaysia is a collection spot for terrorism recruits and is probably home of "thousands." He also said that they need to be vigilant especially because of ISIS' growing number in  Malaysia.

As of now, 52 Indonesian nationals have come back home from Syria. 52 Indonesians have also died - including four who acted as suicide bombers. 

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