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PC App that Will Allow Gamers Play PS4 Games Soon to be Released

Remote Play PC

(Photo : Joe Raedle) An app called Remote Play PC is set to be released soon. It will allow gamers to port their PS4 games to a personal computer.

An independent software developer revealed on Tuesday that he will soon release an app, called Remote Play PC, which will allow players to port their PS4 games to a personal computer. The app is not free though, the blogger is charging at least $10 for anyone interested to acquire such app.

The blogger, who identified himself as Twisted, has posted a picture and a short video to show some of the capabilities of the app.

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Twisted had earlier developed and released an app that allows Android users to stream their PS4 games. The upcoming desktop version is basically part of the previous Android app.

One of the features of the PC app is a control panel that enables players to customize their mouse controls and keyboard shortcuts which can be saved and used for a particular PS4 game.

The developer explained that the price tag is needed to finance his work full time on the Remote Play PC since the app still has to be fine tuned. Charhing for his work will also mean that updates for the app will be much quicker. Twisted also hopes to develop ports for other platforms.

However, buyers should be aware that the upcoming PC Remote Play is an unauthorized PS4 to PC port. There is the possibility that PS4 manufacturer Sony may take legal action against the developer and users of this particular app.

Xbox One players on the other hand, can port their games to a Windows 10 PC courtesy of Microsoft who owns both Xbox and Windows 10. This is one advantage that Xbox owners have over the PS4 players. Hopefully, the PC app will even the balance between the two gaming platforms.

The Remote Play PC app is scheduled for release on November 26, 2015.

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