Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Less Than Half of Americans Favor Troop Dispatch to ISIS Fight: Gallup

America Is Divided On Sending More Troops To Syria To Fight ISIS--Gallup Survey

(Photo : Reuters) A new survey is indicates that Americans are having a change of heart on the question of sending ground troops to Iraq and Syria.

A majority of the American people appear to have had a change of heart when it comes to sending ground troops abroad to fight the ISIS and for now, the numbers appear to be divided evenly.

Just a few weeks ago, a majority of the citizens opposed any government plan of sending more troops to Iraq and Syria to battle the Islamic State. But after this month's terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, many Americans now favor committing more soldiers to the war-ravaged zones.

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In a recent Gallup survey conducted on Nov. 22-23, it showed that about 47 percent of Americans favor sending more ground troops to assist French and Russian troops in fighting the ISIS, while 46 percent are opposed to the policy.

The numbers were different when the survey was conducted on Nov. 4-8. It showed that 53 percent of Americans opposed US military action in assisting the countries fighting the Islamic militants compared to 43 percent who approved of it.

Reports said the latest survey was conducted a little over a week after the Islamic State group attacked  Paris and Beirut  that killed around 200 civilians and injured 400 others.

This was also the time when ISIS claimed responsibility for bombing a Russian jetliner that killed all 234 passengers and crew on board.

France and Russia have joined forces after these acts of terrorisms and in retaliation, conducted intensified  airstrikes on known headquarters and targets of the ISIS fighters in Syria.

French President Francois Hollande has been attempting to form a global coalition to defeat the Islamic militants but so far, only Russia and the United States have responded to his call.

The Gallup survey also showed that Republicans and Independents are more inclined to support the increased deployment of ground troops in Syria while majority of the Democrats are opposed to it.

President Barack Obama said that while US troops will intensify its fight against the Islamic militants, his position against sending more troops to Syria remains unchanged.

Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have advocated for more troop deployment to assist France and Russia in Syria.

"In line with these divergent positions, Republicans' support for committing U.S. troops has increased by close to 10 percentage points since early November, to 65% -- while Democrats' support is unchanged at 37%. Independents' support is up slightly to 44%.," the Gallup survey said.]

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