Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Geneva, Toronto, Chicago on High Alert for Terror Attacks

Security level heightened on terrorism-threatened cities like Geneva, Chicago and Toronto

(Photo : Getty Image) Authorities are heightening security levels following tips from the CIA of possible ISIS suspects. In a police document, possible target cities are Geneva, Chicago and Toronto.

Following the Paris attack that killed 130 people, threats of ISIS attacks seem to be everywhere. Recently, cities like Geneva and Canada were placed on alert status for possible attacks from the militant group.

On Thursday, Geneva stepped up security as authorities searched for four people who have alleged links to terrorism. The city government was reportedly tipped by the CIA with photos of four bearded man holding up an index finger, a gesture suggested to be of the ISIS. There were no further details given on the identity of the alleged terrror suspects.

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The information was purportedly provided by the US intelligence service to the Swiss authorities.  

The prosecutor's office has opened an official investigation for "criminal preparatory acts," a "concrete measures of a technical or organization type in the aim of committing a grave infarction."

Authorities around the UN complex are said to be equipped with unusual, heavy submachine guns, and one guard admitted the area has been cleared "as a precaution."

"The heightened security affects the entire Geneva area, and the U.N. is taking measures that are commensurate with those taken in the host country," Rheal LeBlanc, UN representative said.

Meanwhile, following Geneva's manhunt launch on the suspected jihadists who threatened to attack the country including North America, Canada has also been warned to be "vigilant" and "alert" as one European article cited imminent attack on Toronto and Chicago.

The Tribune de Genève, a Swiss news agency, reported that a journalist claimed to have seen a police report regarding the four unknown suspects that specified Geneva, Chicago and Toronto as possible targets. Other European reports cited Geneva, Vancouver and Ottawa. But threat could not be verified.

However, Ralph Goodale said that "To this moment, there is nothing new or different that would affect the security situation in Canada. There is no change in the status of the alerts... If there is something new we would obvioulsy let Canadians know immediately and we will take the appropriate steps."

It can be recalled that earlier this month, leaked intelligence report classified as "urgent" from the Russian Federal Security Service also warned Thailand as the next ISIS terror target.  

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