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'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Episodic Release Explained

Game Maker Square Enix's Holds Event At E3 Conference

(Photo : Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming in 2016, and game director Yoshinori Kitase promises it will be better than the original.

Finally, “Final Fantasy 7” game director Yoshinori Kitase has explained why “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” will be released episodically.

Game company Square Enix has elicited a lot of negative responses over the announced episodic release of the remake of the classic role-playing game. The company has been struggling to explain to dissatisfied players why they are doing it this way.

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Finally stepping up to explain the game plans, Kitase posted in a Square Enix Blog why he and the game development team have decided to release the game piece-by-piece.

He explained that remaking Final Fantasy 7 in itself is already a big task. Although with a remake, they might be able to give players an epic gaming experience, they will not be able to deliver that when they release the game in just one piece.

He said that in order to maintain the same feeling of density of the original Final Fantasy 7 and yet use the current technology to give it an HD remake, they will need to release it in multiple parts. Releasing it in one piece means cutting off various parts – and of course, hardcore players wouldn't want that.

Kitase adds that with this, they will be able to expand the storyline of the original, and he promises that the remake will go beyond the original game.

Because of this, game website Kotaku has described the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake a “brand-new game.” They speculate that with this approach, Square Enix just might be able to add more depth to some parts of the story unlike before.

Not only that, with the new approach done in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the game might introduce new styles of gameplay as well. After all, Kotaku says, nobody needs a carbon-copy replica of the old Final Fantasy 7.

Lastly, game director Kitase said that they will be bringing surprises. Fans will find out what when the game will be released some time in 2016.

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