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Nintendo NX Release News: Social AR?VR Console to be Released in February 2016?


(Photo : Reuters) Nintendo has recently filed for a patent, apparently for the Nintendo NX console model and its specs.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently revealed that the company is developing another console, the Nintendo NX, and everyone cannot wait to get a hold of it. While Nintendo is currently giving us a straightforward answer, there are several speculations regarding the upcoming Nintendo NX being a social AR/VR unit.

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Nintendo's President Iwata shared with WiiU Daily, "As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename NX. It is too early to elaborate on the details of this project."

The Nintendo NX is speculated to be the only console currently being developed by AMD, which is reportedly set to roll out some time in 2016. The reason behind the lack of solid information regarding the new Nintendo NX is the fact that Nintendo does not want to reveal any details prematurely, president Iwata added.

Rumors about the Nintendo NX device have been rampant. However, pundits seem pretty confident in saying that the new console is indeed going to be a social AR/VR. This Nintendo NX theory is based on Iwata's previous statement in press releases and interviews. Numerous Nintendo NX fans strongly believe this information although these speculations remain unconfirmed at the moment. No confirmation, whatsoever, has been released by the company yet.

Nintendo NX will reportedly be available for pre-order by February 2016.

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