Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Meet Wallace Chung’s Mysterious Millionaire Wife

Wallce Chung

(Photo : Lady Zhuge )

It's not uncommon for celebrities to keep their personal lives under wraps in the interest of protecting their privacy. But Wallace Chung is known for being notoriously private, which of course only adds to the public's desire to know more about what's really going on in his life.

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A frequent topic of speculation for Chung is his love life, specifically whether or not the 41-year old star is married. But a trip to his current filming location in Thailand reveals that not only is the star married, he's married to a millionaire and they have a beautiful daughter.

Meet Rita Hsieh, a 35 year old Taipei native who once dreamed of being on the spotlight herself. Hsieh apparently even once tried to audition for the Taipei National Univeristy of the Arts when she was only 18 years old. After being encouraged by a friend to try her hand at designing, she gave in and stayed two years in the industry before finally quitting her job and flying to New York to study at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

The then aspiring designer allegedly never finished her studies at the school due to finances, where she struggled to pay the tuition, and had no choice but to drop out after only a year. She then returned to Taiwan where she pursued her career in fashion and by 2007, managed to launch "Empress6" with the help of a friend.

Since then, Hsieh has worked with numerous celebrity stylists and designers, including Lee Ta-chi and Timmy Yip; and has styled the likes of Jolin Tsai, Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi Kaneshiro. By 2009, at 29 years old, she was already becoming recognized as an ingenue in the fashion industry. Today, Hsieh is reportedly worth $10 million RMB.

Chung and Hsieh were reportedly together for several years before they married in 2012. The couple then purchased a home in the Xinyi district of Taipei where they soon had their daughter.

According to reports, the secrecy behind their relationship was due to Hsieh worrying about how the relationship could possibly affect Chung's career. Hsieh has worked with Chung on numerous occassions as his stylist, particularly for his 2010 album, All Eyes On Me. 

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