Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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China State-Owned Firms Tasked to Take the Lead in Employing Veterans

Companies Ordered To Employ Veterans Amid Troops Cut

(Photo : Gettyimages) Companies Ordered To Employ Veterans Amid Troops Cut

An initiative to boost the Chinese military's youth and strength is now being pushed by the government. In the next two years, state-owned companies will be required by the Chinese government to take the lead in providing jobs for retired soldiers as the national army plans to cut 300,000 troops. 

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs together with State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission announced that they are urging companies to reserve at least five percent of their total recruitment for retired soldiers.

During the Victory Day speech in September, President Xi Jinping announced that 300,000 soldiers would be cut from the current troops.

All state-owned companies will be tasked to have "responsibility and obligation" to provide jobs for the troops that were cut.

The announcement asked the government-backed firms to "take the lead" in the implementation of the initiative so that the other private companies will follow as well.

Stating that the initiative is an important step in its reforms, Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo confirms that such transfer for the soldiers is important to defense and military building as it is designed to replace aging soldiers with fresh recruits.

The announcement also included a warning against discrimination on hired veterans to ensure that the transition will be effective in the long run.

The Chinese government has had a tradition of transferring qualified veterans to government organizations or enterprises to support their life out of the army. Compensation is also usually provided to the soldier retirees depending on the length of service.

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