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Snoop Dogg: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a 'Racist Piece of S--t' [VIDEOS]

Snoop Dogg

(Photo : Getty Images) Snoop Dogg has called out Arnold Schwarzenegger for commuting the sentence of an imprisoned murderer, who happens to be the son of the former Governor's political ally.

Snoop Dogg went on a profanity-laced rant against Arnold Schwarzenegger after the former Governor sanctioned the release of a political ally's son.

Dogg ripped into Schwarzenegger and accused him of being racist in a series of Instagram videos on Monday after the 68-year-old commuted the release of Esteban Nunez, who was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing college student Luis Santos in 2008.

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Schwarzenegger reduced Nunez's 16-year prison sentence down to seven years on his last day as Governor of California. Esteban Nunez is the son of former speaker of the State Assembly Fabian Nuñez, who is a political ally and friend of the Expendables star.

In the video, Dogg asked Schwarzenegger why he reduced Nunez's sentence and got him out of jail early but refused to stay the death penalty of Dogg's friend Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the leader of the Crips. Tookie was killed by lethal injection in 2005 after Schwarzenegger refused to stay his execution.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is a straight b-ch. Punk motherf-ker. How the f-k you gonna let this [n-word] outta jail but you gonna kill 'Tookie' Williams?' Cause homeboy was your friend. Dogg says in one of the videos.

"You's a b-ch. You's a punk," he goes on. "Motherf-ker. I can't stand you. You's one motherf-king racist piece of s--t. F--k you, Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"I can't wait to catch you, ... I'm going to confront you," Snoop said in another video. "I hope he running with [Donald] Trump so we can knock both of you ... off at the same time."

Watch the videos below:

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