Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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President Xi Jinping Promotes Cybersecurity and Positive Internet Environment

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari Visits China

(Photo : Kyodo News - Pool/Getty Images) President Xi has encouraged Chinese internet firms to explore the global market and asked government bodies to help them attract manpower to work in China’s internet sector.

President Xi Jinping has called for stringent online security through complete screening of internet risks during a symposium on cybersecurity and informatization on April 19.  He emphasized the correct outlook on cyber security in his statement, which was released on Monday.

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Xi speech focused on enhancing cyber security in the country. He encouraged officials to use the internet to understand public opinion. The Chinese leader laid out plans for establishing a secure system that will protect key information infrastructure in various industries like finance, energy, telecommunication, and transportation.

The new five-year plan that was submitted in March gives emphasis to the development of the internet sector and cyber security, including cyber defences. The United States' defence department has already made a move to include cyber deterrence as part of its cyber strategy.

Xi encouraged internet firms to explore the global market and asked government bodies to help them attract manpower to work in China's internet sector.

"Some countries would use supremacy in cyber power to attack other countries," said Huang Chengqing, director of the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Centre of China, who was at the meeting. "When China is equipped with deterrence powers, it will be able to counterbalance the influence of other countries, and therefore, maintain peace. The best defence is offence."

Aside from cyber security, Xi also called for a positive Internet environment, where the government can gather feedbacks from the public. It is a perfect medium to engage people and know their concerns to have a better understanding of their interests, the president explained.

Cyberspace is also a great medium to help clarify public misconceptions and dissolve public grudges and grievances, Xinhua reported. President Xi wants China to improve the management of its cyberspace to create a positive culture and healthy environment.

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