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Christine Kuo's Career Suffering Due to Weight Gain?

By | Sep 05, 2014 07:08 AM EDT

Hong Kong actress Christine Kuo is currently under media scrutiny after she has undergone weight fluctuations over the previous months with some commenting that her career has been affected due to her weight gain.

Previously, the TVB actress decided to take a year's hiatus after she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which caused her to gain weight. After making a comeback, she has tried to lose some weight in order to host the TVB feed for the World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. However, since then, the actress was said to have not been offered any jobs.

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Rumor has it that TVB, her managing network, wasn't pleased with how she was making slow progress about losing her weight and that the company was halting all her activities until she becomes slimmer.

The actress made an appearance at the Changchun Film Festival with Ruco Chan and it was said that Christine Kuo's invitation to the event was last minute. Additionally, sources say that she has only been invited to make an appearance because she was fluent in Mandarin.

After recovering from her sickness, the actress' career was said to have been suffering and speculation say that it has something to do with how she has gained weight over the past year.

According to insider reports, Christine Kuo said that she has already lost numerous sponsors and that TVB couldn't arrange suitable jobs for her despite being a former beauty queen.

The actress is also speculated to be suffering from financial deficiency as her salary is being used to pay for her apartment which is located in Tseung Kwan O. However, a friend of the former beauty queen also said that she has some money saved up from her previous jobs and that she can still hang on a little longer.

Due to the stresses that are weighing down on the actress, it has been rumored that her mental health is compromised and that she was even more depressed which resulted to her giving up on losing weight altogether.

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