Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Sets the Standard for Wireless Gaming Mouse

Not all wireless mouse are created equal, and the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a testament to that.

(Photo : YouTube) The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is available for $149.99.

Not all wireless mouse are created equal, and the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a testament to that. Wireless mouse usually face several problems ranging from battery life, charging time, construction, weight, and range. Logitech is addressing all these hurdles with the company's latest professional grade wireless mouse, the G900 Chaos Spectrum.

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The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum sports the 16.8 million color lighting technology which is also a staple feature of the Logitech G, according to Polygon. The gaming mouse has several programmable buttons, including a DPI switcher. Logitech designed the G900 to fit both left and right-handed users. The G900 can be with wires or wireless.

The G900 only weighs 107 grams. Many hardcore gamers and tech analysts have praised it for having one of the best optical sensors on the market. Logitech was able to achieve such massive weight drop by ditching some internal construction materials. The scroll wheel was even hollowed out to reduce weight.

As for its DPI, it should play from 200 to 12,000 DPI. While it is not the fastest in the market, gamers, even the hardcore ones, can settle within those scores.

The G900 is easily one of the lightest gaming mouse on the market. Just like the Proteus Spectrum, the G900 can be programmed to suit any surface.

As for the 720mAh battery pack of the G900 Chaos Spectrum, initial tests revealed that the mouse can last for up to four days on a single full charge, according to Forbes. The duration can even be extended by disabling some functions or charging it when it is not in use. The battery takes about two hours to be fully charged. While it can be charged using any micro USB cable, Logitech is generous enough to provide a braided cable into the package.

The Logitech G900 is primarily geared towards gamers, although the mouse is also perfect for standard office use. The mouse costs $149.99.

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