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Jackie Chan on Success of 'Warcraft' in China: 'It Scared America'

19th Shanghai International Film Festival - Opening Ceremony & Red Carpet

(Photo : Visual China/Getty Images) Jackie Chan walks the red carpet of the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 11, 2016 in Shanghai, China.

Jackie Chan is once again highlighting the success of Chinese films as the video game adaptation of Warcraft: The Beginning was very successful in the mainland and the actor said such success is scaring America.

The Legend of the Drunken Master star praised the Chinese film industry noting that it is increasing in popularity now. Chan feels that Hollywood being on top when it comes to creating successful flicks will soon be taken by China.

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Chan was at the Shanghai Film Festival on Sunday and he shared, "If we make a film that earns ($1.5 billion) then people from all over the world who study film will learn Chinese instead of us learning English. This has scared Americans."

Chan continued to thank the Chinese audience noting that they are the reason behind the success of Warcraft: The Beginning.

Warcraft: The Beginning has earned $156 million in China alone in the first five days that it has been released in the theaters in the country. It is possible that the inevitable sequel will still most likely be made using the Chinese language. The movie was directed by Duncan Jones.

The movie was also released in the United States but grossed only $24.4 million. The film cost $160 million.

Some blockbuster movies in China receive financing from Chinese companies and actors from the country are also given parts in the movies. Transformers: Age of Extinction was partially funded by the China Movie Channel and Li Bingbing was able to join the cast. Iron Man 3 also included added footage showing Chinese actor Fan Bingbing for the added scenes strictly for Chinese audiences.

A sequel to Pacific Rim was also produced after it became a hit in China although it was a flop in the United States. China allows only 34 foreign films in a year to be screened in their theaters.

Many are expecting that China will pass the U.S. as the biggest box office power in the world by the year 2017 if the growth rate continues to increase.

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