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E3 2016: ‘The Last Guardian’ New Trailer Unveiled, Release Date Announced [VIDEO]

The Last Guardian

(Photo : Facebook) Sony recently confirmed that the The Last Guardian will be released on Oct. 25.

Last year at E3, Sony surprised the gaming community after it released the very first gameplay trailer of the highly anticipated video game, The Last Guardian. Sony has now finally set an official release date for the upcoming title, which has been in the pipeline for nearly a decade. The company announced at this year's E3 that the video game will be heading to the PlayStation 4 on Oct. 25.

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During its E3 press conference, Sony did not release additional gameplay footage. Instead, the presentation was full of poignant scenes that highlight the interaction and emotional attachment between the two key characters of the The Last Guardian.

The game serves as the closing chapter in the video game trilogy, which includes Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The game was initially planned for a 2011 release for the PlayStation 3 console. However, due to extended delays, the release of the game was pushed back.

Not much has changed from the original teaser of the game unveiled at the E3 expo last year. The game still features a boy who has been kidnapped and left alone in an ancient ruin until he befriends Trico, a feathered creature that closely resembles a griffin.

While Trico appears to be the main star of the video game, players cannot directly control the creature. They are in control of the boy, who issues commands to Trico, which he can choose to follow or ignore, allowing players to find different ways to escape the ruins through exploration and puzzle-solving.

Interested gamers can now preorder the game's special collector's edition on Amazon. The Last Guardian Special Collector's Edition includes a Blu-Ray copy of the game, a premium statue, an art book, a sticker sheet, and the collector's box.

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