Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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Samsung Develops New FoWLP Technology to Compete TSMC Chip Orders

Samsung Develops New FoWLP Technology to Compete With TSMC Chip Orders

(Photo : YouTube Screenshot) Samsung has developed a new technology called FoWLP that will be valuable for future mobile chipsets.

Samsung has developed a new technology called fan-out wafer level packaging platform (FoWLP) that will be valuable for future mobile chipsets and will compete with TSMC chip orders.

Reports stated that Samsung and TSMC are producing chips that utilize FoWLP yield technology. It allows smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce the thickness of their smartphones by at least 0.3 mm.

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The technology does not need a PCB. It increases the chips' efficiency to 30 percent, which is a significant performance boost - even a single tenth of a millimeter is major.

This is a big deal, as consumers these days are looking for slimmer and lighter phones. Trends are going towards bezel-less slim mobile designs with more battery efficiency.

This new FoWLP technology could provide Samsung the edge they need to compete in today's market.

Manufacturers are also competing against each other to produce the world's slimmest phone ever made.

According to rumors, Apple is testing the waters for other potential markets and seems to have plans for the future. TSMC was chosen as Apple's current chief supplier of 10 nm FinFET chip processors.

Apple is still looking to collaborate with TSMC to produce competitive pricing, in a cooperation similar to that of Qualcomm and Intel. There is a big possibility that Apple will rely on TSMC to secure all chip orders.

Apple's iPhone 7 is currently in production. It will be powered by an A10 SoC with TSMC's 10 nm FinFet SoC, and will also have a bezel-less display. It is expected to have EMI shielding technology.

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