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“Venus Zones” established by astronomers, new study show

Venus Zones

(Photo : taken from NASA)

A new study from San Francisco State University showed the Venus Zone, an area around an exoplanet that has the same unlivable conditions in Venus.

Astronomers believe that their findings could help the Kepler telescope in achieving its primary goal to find habitable planets similar to Earth.

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They explained that Venus-like planets can help them understand the reason for the Earth's atmosphere evolved differently from its neighboring planets.

Stephen Kane, one of the researchers, said that astronomers believe that Earth and Venus have the same atmospheric evolution.

However, at some point this changed because of the two planets' proximity to the Sun, he added.

Astronomers explained that If Kepler found an Earth sized planet that is located within the solar-flux range make up with Venus Zone this means that the place is uninhabitable.

They said that their findings would allow future space-based telescope to have two classifications called Venuses and Earths.

Kane said that if the planets in the Venus Zone had a runaway greenhouse-gas effect that showed the distance of a planet from its star is a major determining factor.

This could help understand the history of Venus and Earth, he added.

Researchers said that this could help future researchers look at the amount of carbon in a planet's atmosphere that could impact the boundaries of the Venus Zone.

That was shown through pushing of the outer boundary of the planet that has a great concentration of carbon away from its star.

Kane said that their findings put the solar system in contact because it showed the various aspects of the solar system that Earth belongs to.

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