China Wary that Rex Tillerson's Nomination is Trump's Move to Pursue Russia and Isolate the Mainland

mwaniki wanjiku   | Dec 15, 2016 10:02 AM EST

Beijing's fears that Trump's courtship of the Kremlin could be part of his bold strategic effort to isolate China. read more

Beijing to Supply Manila with Weapons for Use in Drug War, Anti-Terrorism Campaign

Desiree Sison   | Dec 14, 2016 04:31 AM EST

China has committed to supplying arms to the Philippines to help President Rodrigo Duterte wage his controversial war on drugs that has killed over 5,000 suspected drug pushers and users in just a span of six months. read more

Chinese Media Warns Trump that His Pride will Lead to His Downfall

mwaniki wanjiku   | Dec 13, 2016 11:27 PM EST

"Pride goes before a fall," this is the stark warning that US president-elect Donald Trump has received from a Chinese government-backed newspaper in a scorching attack after he threatened to realign his country's policies towards Beijing. read more

China Files WTO Complaint Against US, EU for Market Economy Status Delay

S. Rina   | Dec 13, 2016 08:29 AM EST

China has filed on Monday a legal challenge against the US and EU at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the delays in bestowing its "market economy" status. read more

China to Militarily Support US Foes if Trump Gives up 'One China' Policy

Desiree Sison   | Dec 12, 2016 05:12 AM EST

In his latest anti-China tirade, US president-elect Donald Trump has declared that he was willing to abandon the decades old ' One China' policy unless the world's second largest economy enters into some kind of bargain with Washington. read more

EU Angers China on New Steel Price Probe

mwaniki wanjiku   | Dec 11, 2016 05:54 AM EST

China, however insists that Europe's steel problems are down to the region's obvious economic weakness. read more

Trump Seeks to Improve Ties With Beijing Despite Anti-China Rhetoric

Desiree Sison   | Dec 10, 2016 04:59 AM EST

Amid his ongoing anti-China rhetoric, US President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday called for an improvement in Sino-US relations saying it was one of the most important relationships that the United States needs to cultivate with the world's second largest economy. read more

China Targets South Korea' Lotte in THAAD backlash

mwaniki wanjiku   | Dec 09, 2016 09:33 AM EST

South Korea fears that its decision to host a US missile shield could be behind a series of Chinese probes into Lotte, Seoul's fifth biggest conglomerate. read more

China Universities must Become Communist Party Hubs, President Xi Jinping Says

mwaniki wanjiku   | Dec 09, 2016 08:48 AM EST

The president said that there is a need to transform Universities into strongholds that are loyal to the party's leadership. read more

US Senator Files Bill to Impose Sanctions on China Over Illegal Activities in South China Sea

Desiree Sison   | Dec 09, 2016 06:49 AM EST

A US senator has filed a bill in Congress calling for the imposition of sanctions against China over its illegal activities in the disputed South China Sea and the East China Sea. read more

China-US Relations to Face Troubles Under a Trump Presidency

Desiree Sison   | Dec 07, 2016 06:30 AM EST

China-US relations could face more troubles under the presidency of Donald Trump judging from the US President-elect's recent Twitter outbursts against Beijing and his phone call with Taiwanese leader Tsai Lng-wen. read more

Trump Attacks China Anew on Social Media

Desiree Sison   | Dec 05, 2016 05:23 AM EST

US President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter and attacked China anew on Sunday, accusing Beijing of currency manipulation and increasing its military aggression in the disputed South China Sea. read more

President Xi Downsizes Military, Focuses on Tech-Based Warfare

Desiree Sison   | Dec 04, 2016 07:54 AM EST

Citing the importance of technology rather than relying solely on sheer force of numbers, President Xi Jinping on Saturday announced a further reduction to China's 2.3 million-strong military and pushed for improvement to its combat readiness and capabilities. read more

British Military Forces to Join US Patrols in the South China Sea

Desiree Sison   | Dec 03, 2016 07:14 AM EST

British military forces would be joining the US, Australia, and Japan to conduct freedom of navigation patrols in the disputed South China Sea by 2020, Britain's ambassador to the US said on Friday. read more

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