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Sponsored meals by pharmaceutical companies can make doctors prescribe branded drugs over generic ones.

Study: Free Meals from Drug Companies Influence Doctor Prescriptions

A new report reveals how pharmaceutical companies who offer sponsored meals to doctors can boost their marketing, prescribing branded drugs over generics.

Wood burning in pizzerias is causing major air pollution in Brazil.

How Pizza is Causing Major Air Pollution in Brazil

New findings reveal how wood burning in pizzerias and steak houses in Brazil can lead to massive air pollution.

K2-33b, shown in this illustration, is one of the youngest exoplanets detected to date.

Newborn Youngest Planet Ever Detected Provides Clues How Planets Form

New findings reveal a baby exoplanet that is considered to be the youngest planet ever detected, providing clues about how planets form and evolve.

ESA's Venus Express has detected a surprisingly strong electric field at Venus. While protons and other ions (shown in blue in the inset) feel a pull due to the planet's gravity, electrons (shown in red in the inset) are much lighter and thus able to esca

Monster Electric Winds Stripped Water Away from Venus

New findings reveal how an powerful electric field apparently covers Venus, generating strong electric winds similar to solar winds and stripping away any water in its atmosphere.

Coral reef

6000 Surveys of the World's Coral Reefs Revealed 'Bright Spots'

One of the most extensive studies of the world's coral reefs involving 6,000 surveys has located "bright spots" where fish populations are abundant despite damaged coral reefs.

These two Mexican blindcats were discovered in an underwater cave near Del Rio, Texas.

Extremely Rare Blind Catfish Discovered in Texas, Probably Travelled from Mexico

A blind species of catfish was spotted in Del Rio, Texas that is believed to travel from underground water systems of Texas and Mexico.

South pole carbon dioxide levels hit milestone record at 400 ppm.

Carbon Dioxide Levels in Antarctica Reach Highest Ever in 4 Million Years

NOAA just revealed alarming carbon dioxide rates that already reached the Antarctic region, at 400 ppm, which is the highest ever in 4 million years.

A stable and precise landing of the New Shepard booster during its fourth mission on June 19, 2016.

Blue Origin Reusable Rocket Successfully Launches and Lands During Sunday's Live Webcast

Sunday's test flight of Blue Origin's space capsule was a success, during the private space company's first live webcast of their reusable rocket's launch and landing.

Extinct jaguar: Partial jaw of a large, extinct jaguar discovered in a cave in the Ultima Esperanza region of Patagonia.

Deadly Combo of Humans and Climate Change Wiped Out Ice Age Giants

New findings reveal that sabre toothed cats, giant sloths and Ice Age giant creatures went extinct due to humans and climate change.

Tomorrow night, June 19, a rare full strawberry moon emerges, also marking the summer solstice.

Summer Solstice 2016: See the Amazing Strawberry Full Moon Tomorrow

June 19, Monday marks a very rare summer solstice event this 2016, revealing a full strawberry moon that has not occurred in 70 years.

This artist’s impression shows a hot Jupiter planet orbiting close to one of the stars in the rich old star cluster Messier 67, in the constellation of Cancer (The Crab).

More 'Hot Jupiters' Detected in Massive Star Cluster

Astronomers have detected a high amount of "hot Jupiters" inside a star cluster that is somewhat similar to our solar system, with stars the same age as our sun.

The same New Shepard booster that flew to space and then landed vertically in November 2015 has now flown and landed again.

Watch it Live Tonight: Blue Origin's Reusable Rocket Launch and Landing

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos will livestream their very first live webcast of their reusable rocket, Blue Shepard, carrying a capsule that will carry tourists into space.

Asteroid 2016 HO3 has an orbit around the sun that keeps it as a constant companion of Earth.

Earth Has Two Moons? Nope, Just a Small Asteroid 'Quasi-Satellite' Orbiting Earth

Astronomers have detected a small asteroid that became a constant companion of Earth, as it is also orbiting the sun along with Earth's orbit.

 Artist’s concept of SXDF-NB1006-2. Many young bright stars are located in the galaxy and ionize the gas inside and around the galaxy. Green color indicates the ionized oxygen detected by ALMA, whereas purple shows the distribution of ionized hydrogen det

Astronomers Detect Oxygen from a Galaxy 13 Billion Light Years Away

Japanese astronomers have detected oxygen signatures from a distant galaxy 13.1 billion light years away, revealing how the first stars were created after the Big Bang.

NASA released some retro cool posters for recruiting explorers to the Red Planet.

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars: See These Amazing Mars Recruitment Posters

NASA just released a new series of posters filled with retro designed, recruitment inspiration for Mars for those who dream of one day exploring the Red Planet.

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