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Raymond Legaspi

Los Angeles Venice High School

14 High School Students Under Police Probe for Sexual Assault

More than a dozen teenage high school students are under police investigation for a string of sexual assault offenses against two other Los Angeles high school girls, authorities said Friday.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama

U.S. Network Host Loses Job Over ‘Ape’ Comment on First Lady

A host of the Spanish U.S. television network, Univision, has lost his job after comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to monkeys in the movie "Planet of the Apes."

China J-10 fighter jets

China At Odds With Myanmar Over Deadly Border Air Raid

China sends a diplomatic protest to Myanmar after a Burmese fighter jet bombed a border area that killed four Chinese.

Grey Whale Mexico

Surfacing Grey Whale Kills Canadian Tourist in Mexico

A woman from Canada lost her life when a grey whale breaking into the ocean surface hit a tourist sea vessel, authorities in Mexico said on Wednesday.

Black Hawk

U.S. Air Force Ends Rescue Efforts in Helicopter Crash

Eleven people on board an Army Black Hawk that went down in seas around Florida on March 10 are considered dead and focus is now on recovery instead of rescue efforts, the U.S. Air Force has announced.


Ferguson Police Search For Suspect In Shooting Of Two Cops

Missouri police have launched a manhunt for the gunman who shot two policemen on Thursday in what authorities called an "ambush" at a protest outside the Ferguson police station.

Barack Obama

Obama a Target of Racist Rant Based on Ferguson Police Probe

An email message unearthed in a federal citizen rights probe of Ferguson police in Missouri contained a racist remark against U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S. media quoting an unidentified source reported.

Jihadi John

U.S. Seeks to Kill or Capture ‘Jihadi John’ At All Cost

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announces Washington is bent on killing or capturing the militant who has become popularly known as "Jihadi John."

Joseph Jesse Aldridge Missouri Rampage Suspect

Rampaging Missouri Gunman Shot Dead 7 People, 4 of Them His Kin, Then Kills Self

A 36-year old suspect in Missouri shot dead seven people, four of them members of his family, before killing himself on Thursday, authorities said.

Islamic State Militants Smashing ‘Priceless’ Relics in New Posted Video

The Islamic State posted on Thursday a video clip, which shows the Islamist extremists wrecking old relics such as statues of ancient gods, which are banned by Islam.

Labrador Retriever Tops U.S. Dog Breeds: Kennel Club

Labrador Retriever Tops U.S. Dog Breeds: Kennel Club

The high-energy and outgoing Labrador retriever kept its top spot in a ranking of canine breeds in 2014 of the American Kennel Club.

Two Killed, One Hurt in ‘Fast and Furious’-Style L.A. Drag Race

A Ford Mustang in a race with another car lost control and smashed into spectators, leaving two crowd bystanders dead and another onlooker critically hurt in Chatsworth on early Thursday morning, Los Angeles authorities said.

Painkiller Injections Help Spark HIV Outbreak in Southern Indiana

Painkiller Injections Help Spark HIV Outbreak in Southern Indiana

An outbreak of the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among patients injecting prescription medicine prompted health authorities in southern Indiana to sound the alarm on Wednesday over the dangers of unprotected sex and needle sharing.


FCC Approves Tough Net Neutrality Rules in Historic Vote

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to carry out tough net neutrality regulations in a dramatic ruling that disregarded loud opposition by cable companies, telecom carriers and Republicans in Washington.

Americans View China as Less of an Economic Threat: Gallup Poll

Americans View China as Less of an Economic Threat: Gallup Poll

Four in ten Americans see China's economic might as a big threat to U.S. interests, lower than the 52 percent survey results in the past two years, a Gallup annual World Affairs poll shows.

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