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Rubi Valdez

President Barrack Obama

Obama Jolted Crowd in Connecticut Campaign; Joe Visconti Dropped Out of Race

President Barrack Obama fired up the crowd in his visit in Connecticut to campaign for Democrat candidate Governor Dannel Malloy Sunday, while independent challenger Joe Visconti dropped out of the race.

U.S. midterms 2014

Democrats, Republicans Make Final Closing Arguments before November 4th D-Day

Hardly two days short of the U.S. 2014 midterms, Democratic and GOP candidates made their final closing arguments on Sunday, with early polls showing figures more favorable to Republican hopefuls.


Ferguson No-Fly Zone Restrictions Aimed at Preventing Media Coverage of Protests

Audio recordings of Missouri local police revealed that the authorities' request to a 12-day no-fly zone over 35 square miles of Ferguson's airspace last August was originally intended to keep media way from protest coverage.

Burkina Faso

1 Dead, Media Blackout As Army Cleared Protesters In Burkina Faso

At the height of protest rallies on Burkina Faso's state TV station on Sunday, state army began the clearing operations that led to one fatality two days after President Blaise Compaore resigned.

Nurse Nina Pham

Nurse Nina Reunited with Dog after Surviving Ebola

Dallas nurse Nina Pham and her dog, Bentley, reunited on Saturday after both were cleared from a separate 21-day Ebola quarantine period.

Happy Chinese family

Money Buys Happiness in Developing Nations, Survey Says

The famous adage, "Money can buy happiness" proves to be true in some aspects not only to first world countries, but also to developing ones, such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia, an international research agency reported.

South China Sea dispute

China’s Large-Scale Reclamation Works Over Disputed Spratly Islands Not Valid: Study

In the course of the dispute over Spratly Islands, China's extensive reclamation works do not necessarily act as a ticket to win sovereignty claims in accordance with the maritime provisions of international law.

Senator Mark Begich

Latest Alaska Polls Show Surprising Shift In Favor Of Mark Begich

Latest polls showed incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) on a surprisingly advantageous stance against rivals, potentially due to more aggressive campaigns by the Democratic Party a few days before the 2014 midterms.

China-Afghanistan security deal

China, Afghanistan Seal New Economic And Security Deals

China and Afghanistan arrived on important economic and security deals during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai's four-day visit to Beijing starting Tuesday.


Economic Pain In Iran Pushes Nuclear Talks

With depleting oil prices, Iran is not in the brightest position to negotiate further its current nuclear standoff against Western nations. The United States and European Union present a greater deal of oil subsidy in exchange of Iran's uranium-enriched bombs.

Mexico mass grave

In Mexico, Forensic Experts Comb Gully In Search Of 43 Students

Forensic investigators flocked in a gully in the southern town of Cocula, Guerrero on Tuesday, the purported site of the remains of the missing 43 students in Iguala city a month ago.

Weapons smuggling in Iran

Egypt Orders Mass Evacuation To Thwart Weapons Smugglers In Sinai

The Egyptian government on Tuesday ordered mass evacuation among residents living near the Palestinian border of Gaza Strip to curb militants from smuggling weapons through underground tunnels.

Xinjiang blast

China Punishes 8,157 Officials Including Top Political Advisor

A total of 8,157 Chinese officials were charged of administrative cases since September, in line with the Communist Party of China's bout against graft and corruption.

Smog in China

China Tightens Smog Alert Prior to APEC Summit

China's smog level is expected to worsen a few days before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) commences in first week of November, environmental officials said on Monday.

Wall Street Disappointed in Twitter’s Slow User Growth; Opportunities Loom amid Low Shares

Despite Twitter's doubled revenue in the latest quarter, disappointment looms over investors due to relatively slow user growth rate that ultimately toppled the company's stock quotes late Monday.

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