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S. Korea Begins Process To Deploy THAAD

China Prepared to Counter THAAD Missile System in South Korea

China is prepared to counter the US' Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system using its anti-radar equipment, Wang Hongguang, a retired PLA general, said on Monday.

Philippines Stakes Claim over Benham Rise.

Philippines Cautiously Stakes Claim Over Benham Rise

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has given a cautious warning to China over his country's undisputed ownership on Benham Rise amid reports that several Chinese survey ships were spotted in the undersea region last year.

Boeing and Ford Expansion in China.

Boeing and Ford set to Expand their Production in China

The U.S. multinational giants Boeing and Ford are surging ahead in China with their ambitious expansion plans, shrugging off the ongoing economic slowdown.

China Air Pollution

China Develops Unified Standards to Monitor and Curb Air Pollution

China needs to put in place a set of unified standards to effectively monitor and curb air pollution across the country.

China may require drone owners to register their real names.

China Wants Drone Owners to Register Their Real Names

China plans mandatory real name registration of drone owners to help the country in monitoring and managing security risks posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in airports and other sensitive areas, a senior official told local media.

China to Deploy more Marine Crops at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port.

China to Deploy More Marine Corps to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port: Report

China is set to increase the number of its marine corps at oversees ports in a bid to protect its strategic assets in foreign locations. The decision comes amid reports that the Chinese government is pushing very hard to strengthen its naval force.

Google Staging a Comeback in China.

Search Engine Giant Google Inching Towards Comeback in China?

American search giant Google is in serious talks with China to make a comeback in the lucrative Chinese market, after the strict censorship issues forced the search engine company to shut its business operation in Mainland China.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China's Top Political Body.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China’s top Political Advisory Body

The Chief Executive of the autonomous city Hong Kong, Leung chun-ying, was appointed as the vice president of China's top political advisory body on Monday. His selection process was completed at the last day of the annual Chinese parliament session.

A Vehicle Crashes onto Roof in China.

A Rampaging SUV Crashes onto Roof of the House in Eastern China

A black SUV car ended up being stuck on the roof of a house in eastern Chinese town of Taizhou on Sunday in what appeared to be a freak accident.

China Developing ‘Laser Weapon Technology’ for Space War.

China Developing ‘Laser Weapon Technology’ to Target Enemy Satellites: Report

According to Chinese military expert Richard Fisher, China is in the middle of developing space-based laser weapon system that will be specifically used to target enemy satellites.

President Of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain Visits China

Pakistan to Pay China $90B for CPEC Projects: Report

Pakistan needs to pay China $90 billion over a span of 30 years against the loan and investment portfolio worth $50 billion under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Tribune reported citing an estimate from a brokerage house.

Israel Unveils Arrow Missiles

Pakistan Inducts China's LY-80 LOMADS Air Defense System

Pakistan has inducted on Sunday an advanced Chinese-made Low to Medium Altitude Air Defense System (LOMADS) LY-80 on its air defense system, a bid to strengthen its capabilities in its air defense arsenal.

China Two Child Policy.

China’s two Child Policy Gives Rise to Child Boom, Senior Health Official Claims

China's two child policy ushered a baby boom in China in 2016, giving a much needed hope to the world's most populous nation that it may able to resolve the aging population problem.

China plans to increase the size of its marines to safeguard its maritime rights.

China to Increase Marines Personnel by 400%: Report

China wants to expand its marine personnel from about 20,000 to 100,000 to safeguard its maritime lifelines and growing overseas interest, experts revealed.

China and U.S. Trade War.

U.S. Exporters Will Suffer More if Trade War Breaks out, China Warns

Any possibility of a trade war between China and the U.S. would cause enormous pain for both the economies, China's Commerce Minister Zhong Shan warned on Saturday as the reports of President Donald Trump's administration working on anti-trade policies against China continues to gather steam.

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