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Think to death

DARPA is Funding Research into Mind-controlled Drone Swarms

The program envisions launching groups of gremlins from large aircraft.

The think tank's think tank

The Secret to DARPA’s Success: it Tolerates Failure

Another is that your average DARPA employee won't last more than five years on the job.

Just think it!

‘LUKE’ Mind-controlled Prosthetic Arm from DARPA to be Sold this Year

LUKE's thought-to-action control has led many to describe it as a mind-controlled device


DARPA Seeks to Automate US Defenses against Cyberattacks on the Internet of Things

DARPA bills CGC as "The World's First All-Machine Hacking Tournament."

Garbage collector

DARPA's O2 Improved Space Surveillance Network Almost Complete

DARPA recently reported its O2 network now comprises more than 100 sensors around the world.

Not a sitting duck

DARPA's TERN Drone will Transform US Navy Warships into Aircraft Carriers

Transforming practically all Navy warships into mini-aircraft carriers will largely invalidate China's and Russia's A2/AD strategies.

DARPA Moving Fast to Replace US Stealth Fighters with Hypersonic Fighters

In DARPA's words, "Speed is the new stealth."

Video game

DARPA Developing Space Command and Control Center to Conduct Future Wars

The program will grant US forces a tactical edge on the battlefield -- from space.

DARPA Takes Giant Stride in Creating Weapons that Vaporize and Self-destruct

DARPA'S transient technology was initially developed under an appropriately named DARPA program called VAPR.

The face of future war

Future American Soldiers will be True Cyborgs, Thanks to DARPA

DARPA wants U.S. Air Force pilots to control their jet fighters directly by plugging their brains into the aircraft's computer.

EmDrive tester

US Steps-up Work on DARPA XS-1 and X-37B Military Spaceplane Projects

Another report claimed the X-37B might be a spy satellite or a "space bomber."

Fly-by-tablet helicopter

DARPA Successfully Tests Sikorsky ‘Fly-by-Tablet’ Helicopter using ALIAS

The objective of DARPA's ALIAS program is to develop and insert new levels of automation into existing military and commercial aircraft.

Swarm to kill

DARPA Program Allows Swarms of U.S. Aerial Drones to Collaborate in Attacks

CODE's main objective, however, is to develop and demonstrate the value of "collaborative autonomy" or swarm attacks by packs of hunter-killer drones.

Never leave your naval base without it.

DARPA Perfecting Undersea GPS Called POSYDON

A complete positioning system is scheduled to be demonstrated in Phase III.


DARPA’s VirtualEye will Allow U.S. Troops to ‘See’ Inside Buildings

VirtualEye will create an on-the-spot 3D image of a room

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