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Intel’s New Apollo Lake Chips Allow for Thinner, More Powerful Systems at Affordable Prices

Intel has unveiled a new system on a chip (SoC) that will enable PC builders to create cheaper, slimmer and more powerful PCs - even better than some current-gen systems available on the market.

Intel's new set of processors aims to speed up cloud computing.

Intel Unveils New Set of Processors and SSDs for Efficient Cloud Platforms

Intel is increasing its focus on cloud computing by offering new set of chips that will aid businesses and service providers create more efficient cloud computing platforms.


Intel Bids Tick-Tock Cycle Farewell; Introduces New Three-Step Manufacturing Cycle

It appears that chipmaker Intel is finally ready to bid farewell to its usual "tick-tock" product cycle. Experts say this will be a major microarchitectural change. Intel will introduce a new three-step process that will incorporate Process, Architecture and Optimization (PAO).


Intel Wants Motherboard Manufacturers to Disable Overclocking Features for Non-K Skylake Processors

Chipmaker Intel has been urging motherboard manufacturers to remove overclocking capabilities on their product its non-K Skylake processors. It appears that the pressure from the chipmaker is slowly starting to creep in. In a recent BIOS Update released on Feb. 4, motherboard manufacturer ASRock removed the SKY OC feature on its motherboards.

Intel, Xiaomi, Ninebot and Segway Team up to Create Hoverboard that Transforms Into a Robot

Tech giants Intel, Xiaomi, Ninebot and Segway have teamed up together to create an innovative Hoverboard that can transform into a personal robot.


Chengdu Set to Become World's Next Silicon Valley

Building on Beijing's efforts to encourage investments outside of China's coastal regions, Chengdu, in southwest China, is girding to become the world's next Silicon Valley, according to reports.

Monitors Show Semiconductor Manufacturing

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to Open Plant in China

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. has reportedly submitted an application to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs to open a plant in China.

Recon Industries

Intel Recently Purchased Recon Industries To Boost Wearable Products

Intel is pushing hard to get a piece of the wearables market, as the chip giant went out and purchased another Recon, a company that specializes in making smart goggles.

Intel Unveils Xeon E7 v3 Processors With Up To 18 Dual-threaded Cores; Detailed Capabilities And Price

The Intel Corporation has unveiled its new Xeon E7 v3 processors with up to 18 dual-threaded cores, according to Beta News.

Study Reveals that Asians are Being Overlooked by the Top Technology Companies for Executive Roles

A new study revealed that the top technology companies such as Yahoo, Google, Intel and HP are bypassing Asian workers for executive roles. In a clear case of discrimination, they are being hired only for programming profiles rather than for leadership roles.


Intel Compute Stick Available for Windows, Linux

Any display or HDTV with a HDMI port can become a computer with the Compute Stick.


U.S. Blocks Tech Exports for China's Tianhe-2 Supercomputer

The Tianhe-2 -- or "Milky Way" in English -- is one of the world's fastest supercomputers.


TAG Heuer to Launch Apple Watch Competitor

TAG Heuer will not sell the smartwatch as a competitor to its regular watch range.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, Google, Intel Team Up for First Luxury TAG Smartwatch

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and Silicon Valley tech companies are joining forces in creating what they call the first luxury Swiss Android Smartwatch.


Intel Partners with Databricks and AMPLab on Big Data

Databricks developed the Apache Spark, a technology that helps clients with cloud based big data processing.

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