Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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Gigi Jordan Charged With Manslaughter In Killing Autistic Son

Multimillionaire mom Gigi Jordan has been convicted of killing her eight-year-old autistic son back in 2010 and on Wednesday has been charged with 25 years in prison by the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Jordan reportedly killed her son at a rented room at the Peninsula Hotel and has been found guilty of manslaughter. She was initially charged with a lifetime sentence but her lawyers argued that she was under extreme emotional disturbance when the killing happened.

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Also, Jordan pressed she is still preparing post-conviction arguments asking for the verdict to be set-aside, resulting to no dates yet as to when she will be sentenced but she is being detained at Rikers Island. She said Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon prevented her from presenting her witnesses who would testify that what she did was "mercy killing."

Jordan claimed that she killed Judd Mira, her son, because she believed that her ex-husband wanted to kill her. She also said she did not want to leave Judd in the clutches of his biological father, who she said abused the boy.

The multimillionaire mom said she did not see any way out of the situation they were under and decided to end her and her son's lives. However, Jordan's exes denied allegations that Judd was suffering from sexual torture.

Jordan pressed that it was supposed to be a murder-suicide but when she saw the drugs taking effect on Judd, she wanted to revive him but it was already too late. This is in contrast to the statement of Jordan as prosecutors noted that the boy lay in bed dying while Jordan was on her laptop and drawing off US$125,000 from the boy's trust fund.

Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. of Manhattan District pressed that Jordan did not show any mercy towards her son and she shall not receive any mercy as well by the time she will be sent behind bars.

According to the reports, Jordan poisoned Judd with "extremely high doses of prescription medications, forcing many down his throat with a syringe."

The prosecutors noted that the painkillers, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills were mixed with alcohol and was disguised as an orange juice.

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